About us - The Danish Construction Association

We create and sustain the conditions in which our member companies can compete and prosper, and promote our members' political interests.

The Danish Construction Association is a trade and employers’ organisation for approximately 5,700 contractors and manufacturing companies within the Danish building and construction sector.

The member companies, composed of major building contractors, small and medium-sized construction companies and manufacturers of building components, are involved in a range of core activities, from infrastructure and turnkey projects, to contractor work specializing in bricklaying, carpentry and roofing, as well as manufacturing building components, such as doors and windows.

There are approx. 150 employees in the Danish Construction Association at present.

The work of the Danish Construction Association includes

  • Looking after labour market and training policy interests
  • Generally looking after enterprise policy interests - in Denmark and abroad
  • Dealing with collective agreements and providing advice for employers
  • Developing and communicating building regulations and knowledge
  • Looking after companies’ sales and customer-related interests at home and abroad
  • Beneficial purchasing agreements and commercial proposals aimed at members
  • Regional, professional and local activities in areas, sections and local associations
  • Membership administration, recruiting, etc.
  • Information and communication for the various target groups
  • Building Guarantee – a financial safety net for private customers in case of a fault or defect in work agreed with a building company that is a member of the Danish Construction Association
  • In-service training and courses that ensure that the companies and their employees can develop their skills.

Read more about the organisation in this brochure

International organisations

Through our membership in international organisations, we work to safeguard members’ interests within the international political area.

The Danish Construction Association is member of several international organisations, among others:

FIEC European Construction Industry Federation

European International Contractors (EIC)




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