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Membership of the Danish Construction Association grants your company coverage by the collective agreements covering building and construction activities. Please bear in mind that collective agreements are binding for all members of the Danish Construction Association, both companies established in Denmark and also companies established abroad that are posting workers to Denmark.

Both companies established in Denmark and companies established abroad can apply for membership.

Our working language is Danish. We therefore only have limited information available in other languages. Most communication with our organisation is in Danish language. We therefore strongly recommend that you have a Danish speaking person at your disposal.

To apply for membership please fill out the application form below and send it to our member service office: 

Link to application form for companies established abroad

(go to this Danish language page to apply with a company established in Denmark or contact us at to request an English language application form for companies established in Denmark)

Please fill out all fields in the application form. If the application is incomplete, or we have difficulty reading your writing, the application form will be returned to you, which will delay the process.


Application procedure for companies established abroad

  1. After having received your application form, we verify whether your company fulfills the membership criteria. If the application form is incomplete or unclear, we will revert to you with additional questions.
  2. When the application form is complete and verified, we will send you an invoice covering the application fee and a guarantee sum.
  3. Your company will be covered by - and obligated to comply with - the collective agreements from the moment that we receive your membership fee. You will receive notification from us, when you are covered by the collective agreements. Please observe that coverage of the collective agreements may occur before final approval of your application and that - should your application be rejected by our Board of Directors - you may be covered and obligated by the collective agreements without obtaining membership of the Danish Construction Association. Please contact us if you have questions about this.
  4. The application is presented to the Board of Directors for approval. This procedure will normally take around two weeks.
  5. We will inform you about the Board's decision. If you fulfill the criteria you will receive a confirmation of your membership. If not, you will be informed that your application has been declined, and the application fee and guarantee sum will be refunded to you. 

For more information contact:  

Membership Advantages

We provide value to you through advise and service on:

  • Employment and Collective Agreements
  • Health and Safety
  • Legal advise on tenders and contracts between investors, main-contractors and sub-contractors
  • Building regulation and technical rules

Obligations of Members

Compliance with collective agreements and articles of association

As a member of the Danish Construction Association you are obliged to respect the collective agreements that have been entered into by the Danish Construction Association and trade unions. Collective agreements are binding for all members of the Danish Construction Association. A selection of the obligations has been listed below:

  • Providing all employees with an employment certificate
  • Wages according the collective agreement´s provisions for wage rates
  • 12,5 % holidays allowance
  • 9,9 % (painters 9,75 %) public holiday allowance
  • 12,0 % pension contribution
  • 0,15 % health care contribution
  • Follow the working time provision

These rules also apply to posted employees.

The Danish Construction Association recommends that you thoroughly study all the collective agreements covering your employees. Contact us for information on which collective agreement to apply.

Members must also comply with the Danish Construction Association's articles of association

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee consists of three parts: a basic membership fee, a salary bill fee and a membership fee to one or more sections.

Membership fee
Basic membership fee:  6.000 DKK
Salary bill up to DKK 50 mio., fee:  0,35 %
Salary bill from DKK 50 mio.-100 mio., fee:  0,24 %
Salary bill from DKK 100 mio.-250 mio., fee: 0,23 %
Salary bill over DKK 250 mio., fee:  0,21 %
A membership fee to one or more section(s)  

The fee based on the salary bill only covers the hourly paid workers and salaried employees in Denmark, and is calculated on the basis of your information for the previous quarter. To this end, you will each quarter receive a salary bill statement form from us, to be filled out and returned to us.

For more information please contact the membership department

Resignation and Termination

According to § 6 of the Articles of Association of the Danish Construction Association, membership resignation from the Danish Construction Association must be made in writing to the Danish Construction Association Secretariat by providing six months' notice to 1st of July.

Please observe that the company's obligation to comply with the collective agreements apply regardless of its membership status with the Danish Construction Association. Resignation from the collective agreements must be made according to the provisions of the collective agreements currently in force.

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