Health and Safety Department

The Department for Occupational Health and Safety can help you and your business with occupational health and safety issues.

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The most common areas of advice to member companies are:

  • Fundamentals of the Danish legislation on OHS (The Act of Working Environment)
  • How to comply with the Danish OHS-legislation
  • Your relation to the Working Environment Authority; - how to act if You get an executive order?
  • Penalties in relation to executive orders
  • Reporting work related accidents and diseases
  • The mandatory workplace assessment
  • The obligations of the safety coordinator in the project phase and in the construction phase
  • ‘On-location-advice’ by Bam-Bus – free of charge.


Read more here:

Working environment policy of the Danish Construction Association

Almost 400 pages of OHS rules and guidelines.

Working environment for building and construction - English 

Arbeitsschutz in der baubranche - Deutsch

Srodowisko pracy w sektorze budowlanym - Polski

Ambiente di lavoro nel settore dell'edilizia - Italiano

Saúde e seguranca no local de trabalho para setor da construcao civil - Português

When are employees responsible and when is management responsible?

Improvement notices and administrative fines in accordance with the Danish Working Environment Act


Hazardous and expensive – can you afford the fines?



Our OHS Department consists of 5 consultants and one secretary:


Mette Møller Nielsen


Britta Marie Mørk Johansen


Søren Eggert Beck


Anders Svendsen