Legal Department

Our Legal Department can help you and your business with legal issues

Legal advice to members

We offer legal advice to members of the Danish Construction Association, primarily in the areas of construction law, public procurement law and competition law. Our job is to ensure that as a member you have the best possible conditions for running your business – and that you have been informed of the rules and regulations in this regard.


We can help you so you can run your business, but we cannot run it for you. As a member of the Danish Construction Association, you are entitled to advice regarding your legal rights and legal actions.


Safeguarding your interests

The Legal Department safeguard the industry's general interests when rules and regulations are made, for example by submitting responses to consultations regarding future bills and by participating in key councils, boards, etc.


Influencing tender specifications, including state-aided and subsidised construction

The Legal Department will keep you updated on the host of tender specifications under which members of the Danish Construction Association operate. As an organisation, the Danish Construction Association may file a complaint with the Complaints Board for Public Procurement (Klagenævnet for Udbud), and we handle both violations of public procurement rules and cases concerning derogation from AB 92* and AB 18** in state-aided and subsidised construction, including subsidised residential construction (*AB 92: General Conditions for the provision of works and supplies within building and engineering, 1992 and **AB 18: General conditions for building af construction works and supplies, 2018)).



The Legal Department offers a variety of courses on construction law, public procurement law and competition law. Members can also order courses tailored to employees in individual businesses, possibly on other subjects relating to our fields of activity.


Articles in "byggeriet"

The Legal Department writes articles about subjects of current interest. The articles are published in the Danish Construction Association's magazine "byggeriet" (in Danish only).

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