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We are an employer and interest organisation that looks after the interests of companies in the entire Danish building and construction industry.

The Danish labour market system differs a great deal from the systems in other European countries as it is regulated by collective agreements between trade unions and employers’ organisations, not by legislation.

As a member of the Danish Construction Association you are covered by the relevant collective agreement. This agreement is binding on the members of the Danish Construction Association.

Our working language is Danish and we have only limited information available in English.

Read more about the organisation in this brochure
We therefore advise you to find a Danish contact person who can help you in the Danish system.

We generally do not have the capacity needed to participate in meetings that have not been pre-arranged. You should therefore call us in advance to make an appointment so that we can give you the best possible advice by making sure that you will talk to people who work with the area you would like to know more about.

The main telephone number of the Danish Construction Association is +45 72 16 00 00.

If you have questions about membership and membership fees, please contact our colleagues in the Membership department on +45 72 16 00 00, medlemsservice@danskbyggeri.dk

If you have questions about collective agreements and terms of  employment, please contact Mr Thorsten Wilstrup on +45 72 16 01 70, twi@danskbyggeri.dk 

Queries of a more general nature should be addressed to Mr Robert Pajor on +45 72 16 02 55, rpa@danskbyggeri.dk 

We hope we can help your company in a satisfactory way, just as we help the other 5,700 members of the Danish Construction Association.

Yours sincerely

Lars Storr-Hansen
Managing Director


Robert Pajor

M: rpa@danskbyggeri.dk 
T: 72160255