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Applying for membership

Foreign companies are welcome as members of the Danish Construction Association

Membership grants your company coverage by the relevant collective agreement, which is one of the cornerstones of the Danish labour market regulations. Please bear in mind that collective agreements are binding for all members of the Danish Construction Association.

To gain membership it is not necessary to establish a Danish company.

As our working language is Danish, the information in other languages is very limited, and all the correspondence will normally be in Danish. Therefore, we strongly recommend having a Danish speaking person at your disposal.

To apply for membership please fill out the following application form and send it to our member service medlemsservice@danskbyggeri.dk 

Link to the application form
It is important that all boxes in the application form are filled out, and that you either write in CAPITAL LETTERS or type the information. If the application is incomplete, or we have difficulty reading your writing, the application form will be returned to you - which will delay the process.

Apart from the basic membership, your company has to become member of at least one section.

After having received your application form, we will send you an invoice covering the application fee and guarantee, and we verify whether your company fulfills the membership criteria. Then the application is presented to the Board of Directors for approval. This procedure will normally take around two weeks.

Hereafter you will be informed about the decision. If you fulfill the criteria you will become a confirmation of your membership. If not, you will be informed and the application fee and guarantee sum will be refunded.

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Tlf.: 72 16 00 00