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Costs of membership

Explanation of the different fees in the Danish Construction Association

The annual membership fee consists of three parts: a basic membership fee, a salary bill fee and a membership fee to one or more sections.

Membership fee
Basic membership fee:  6.000 DKK
Salary bill up to DKK 50 mio., fee:  0,35 %
Salary bill from DKK 50 mio.-100 mio., fee:  0,24 %
Salary bill from DKK 100 mio.-250 mio., fee: 0,23 %
Salary bill over DKK 250 mio., fee:  0,21 %
A membership fee to one or more section(s)  

The fee based on the salary bill only covers the hourly paid workers and salaried employees in Denmark, and is calculated on the basis of your information for the previous quarter. To this end, you will each quarter receive a salary bill statement form from us, to be filled out and returned to us.

For more information please contact the membership department medlemsservice@danskbyggeri.dk



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